© Julien Cresp

The indoor revegetation of the new PERNOD RICARD headquarter, a UNION INVESTMENT property located at 5 cours Paul Ricard in the 9th district of Paris, is the work of MUGO Group and STUDIO MUGO. The group’s teams collaborated with Saguez for PERNOD RICARD and Studio Sanna Balde’s architects for UNION INVESTMENTS.
This large-scale project was achieved in a record time. More than 700 plants have been placed inside the site between the 1 st and 20 th of July. The PERNOD RICARD group can already welcome its 900 employees in a green and harmonious environment.
To enhance the interior style, various shades of green coming in a variety of foliage forms have been introduced among the range of selected plants. The leaves help create patterns of light in the work spaces and increase the acoustic and visual comfort. Those hundreds of plants have an air-purifying function and help clean the indoor air.
Natural materials such as coconut fibre and terracotta have been prioritised for the pots and pot covers containing the plants to achieve a simple harmony. Blending easily into their environment they allow the plants to stand out.
MUGO’s teams are extremely proud to showcase their expertise in plant design through large-scale redevelopment projects inside an iconic building.