Landscapers, architects, engineers, agronomists and designers have joined forces to create a multidisciplinary consulting agency. Their goal: to put their skills and experiences at the forefront of collective and innovative thinking in the fields of landscape, ecology and urban agronomy.

The Mugo landscape workshop has developed an original style that respects the environment and promotes a lifestyle that is close to nature.

We help cities with transformation due to their town planning projects, which constitutes the main field of our work.

We design spaces of all kinds and work on town planning projects. The projects use a multifunctional landscape approach and an innovative programming dimension.

We offer agronomic expertise by cultivating sites dedicated to market gardening and urban agriculture that are integrated into a landscape. Our teams design productive farms using

Our deliverables

  • Existing & Diagnostic inventory
  • Intentions
  • Plant palette
  • Drafts, sketches, drawings
  • Plans, sections, technical details
  • Design files (CCTP)
  • DPGF report
Winning projects
The Multi-layered City | PARIS
Pleyel Lights | SAINT DENIS
Nef in Vivo | NANTERRE
``A la croisée des s(cé)ens`` | SCEAUX
17&Co | PARIS
The Fénelon Orchards | VAUJOURS
Antonypole | ANTONY
People's home | CLICHY-LA-GARENNE
The Countryside | PARIS
Hortus Paname | PARIS
Grand Central Saint-Lazare | PARIS
Bercy's Street | PARIS
Euratlantique | BORDEAUX
Ilot Mansart | NANTERRE
Workstation | COURBEVOIE
29, Chateaudun's Street | PARIS
Business Park | ASNIERES
Plain of Bouliac | BORDEAUX
Paris Saclay University | SACLAY
Sciences Po | PARIS