Your nature spaces are spaces to be enhanced: first showcase, living spaces, they create the identity of a place and reflect your identity. They are the last bastion of nature in town subjected to economic and urban pressure.

Their development and management are essential to add value your land, improve its ecological potential, and develop the attractiveness of your real estate assets. Thus, MUGO has created the first landscape strategy consultancy agency to help investors and large groups identify the biodiversity potential of their real estate assets.MUGO relies on its all-round expertise (consultancy auditing, design, studies) allowing it a full range of expertise: auditing, strategic and operational consultancy and steering.


  • A perfect mastery of the landscape and biodiversity business chain
  • A clear vision of the stakes
  • A transdisciplinary lab dedicated to innovation


  • A dedicated team
  • Multi-disciplinary and experienced skills


  • A pragmatic approach
  • Ready to use deliverables
  • A track record with the most important Property operators