Our workshops “Nature in cities”

Our workshops are designed to share simple and eco-responsible techniques, to learn about gardening according to season, to increase awareness on the protection of biodiversity and on the challenges of sustainable, local and healthy food. Our workshops consist of:

  • A professional gardener /facilitator for a rich hands-on learning experience
  • Active and interactive teaching methods because you don’t become a gardener by reading books
  • Creations to take home with you to continue gardening at home!

We are offering two types of support:

The Season Training

Training over one season to reinforce your agro-ecological commitment

The Nature Workshops

Ad hoc workshops to take place inside or outside all year long.

We also remain at your disposal to create anything which are best suited to your needs and requirements: teambuilding, Biodiversity referent, collaborative site…

The Nature Workshops

We facilitate ad hoc workshops all year long. The Nature Workshops can be tailored to your target audience, to the number of participants and to the seasonal gardening activities.

Do not hesitate to share your event ideas. We will send you a customized offer.

Our Garden workshops:

  • To create a mini vegetable garden
  • To make your workspace greener
  • To learn how to grow plants from stem cuttings
  • To recognize the crop auxiliaries and to learn about biosafety
  • To compost
  • Plant exchange

Our Biodiversity workshops

  • How to discover the wildlife living on your site
  • Collaborative planting and sowing of wildflower meadow seeds
  • To make seed bombs
  • To build an hotel for insects
  • To build bird houses and nest boxes
  • “Biodiversity Collage” or Biodiversity Talks

Our Bee Workshops

  • Awareness conference around pollinators
  • Honey tasting
  • Discovery of beehive products and hands-on workshop
  • Make your own reusable Beewrap (Beeswax wrap), an eco-friendly cling film alternative

Our well-being and eco-friendly workshops

  • Homegrown Herbal teas
  • Natural care and well-being
  • Ecological seasonal plant composition
  • Zero-waste food
  • Tawashi Sponge

Our workshops in our fields and meadows

  • Discover eco-grazing (or eco pasture) and shearing
  • Learn how to spin wool
  • Sheepdog and leading the herd

The Season trainings

A series of workshops taking place over a year to train you on agro-ecology and become eco-citizens:

Thanks to our introduction and training programme you will be able to discover the diversity of the urban wildlife (Flora and Fauna), edible flowers, incredible aromatic herbs, and forgotten fruit and vegetables.

The Gardening training

You will learn how to maintain your communal garden in a simple and eco-friendly way from sowing to harvesting.

The Orchard training

You will discover all the secrets about growing fruit trees in your region.

The Chicken House training

You will meet around a chicken house where you will learn how to recycle your bio waste and collect fresh eggs.

The Eco-actor training

You will take specific actions in favour of the environment during workshops throughout the year.

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Sébastien Moirat

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