With our skills residing in landscaping, the MUGO Group wants to share its knowledge with as many people as possible.

Today, MUGO offers a wide range of training courses for all audiences:
– Employees,
– Students,
– High-school students,
– Children,
– Professional Gardeners,
– Amateur Gardeners,
– Organisations,
– Business Committees, etc.

More than 500 company employees have already attended a MUGO workshop.

MUGO offers its experts for the following courses:
– Beekeeping Training
– Urban garden Training
– Training in the establishment and management of an orchard
– Botanical and recognition of plants training
– Tool-handling Training
– Urban gardening training (balcony terrace)
– Training in good irrigation practices (recovery / natural / automatic)
– Waste recycling training (composting)
– Organic treatment and mechanical or thermal weeding training
– Training in the establishment and management of a chicken coop

Together with YELLOGARDEN, MUGO offers you its facilitators for the following workshops:

One-off workshops: 

  • Designing a vegetable garden & planting seedlings
  • Knowing the soil & planting vegetables
  • Making use of organic waste
  • Organic protection and ancillary activities
  • Bird nesting-box
  • Garden herbal teas
  • Vegan cuisine
  • Creating a terrarium
  • Seasonal floral arrangement
  • Natural cosmetics
  • Barter garden – sales & exchanges

Contact our workshop & training manager, Sébastien Moirat: smoirat@mugo.fr / 06 17 80 18 93

Training over one season:

  • Setting up and management of a vegetable garden.

  • Setting up and management of an orchard.

  • Setting up and management of a henhouse.

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Potager éco-responsable de l'UNESCO

Potager éco-responsable de l'UNESCO

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La miellerie MUGO

La miellerie MUGO

La miellerie MUGO