At MUGO, we have our heads in the clouds and feet on the ground. We imagine and create the conditions for a better future, a harmonious living environment to transmit to our children.

Making the town wild again, protecting pollinators, greening our streets and buildings, transforming our fields into fertile land, maintaining our landscapes sustainably, creating a nourishing nature, making our living spaces bloom, regaining the rhythm of the seasons, advising public and private institutions on their natural and landscape heritage, sharing and transmitting our knowledge are the commitments we make every day with our clients.

  • MUGO brings together talents: engineers, architects, agronomists, farmers, architects, gardeners, landscapers, florists and beekeepers.
  • MUGO brings together passionate women and men committed to fighting the loss of biodiversity.
  • MUGO brings together teams that innovate, design, produce, maintain and cultivate living, nourishing and beautiful landscapes.

Our projects, our reflections, our actions are guided by a philosophy of simplicity. Our mission is to reintroduce Nature for all, everywhere and in all its forms. Our purpose is to convince companies, individuals and public authorities that we must put Nature back at the heart of our lives.

Jardin comestible sur le toit de Pernod Ricard à la gare Saint-Lazare

Discover the edible rooftop of the Pernod Ricard headquarters in Paris!

Miel opéra de Paris par les ruches de MUGO

Discover the Honey of the Paris National Opera!

Discover the edible rooftop garden of Pernod Ricard’s headquarter in Paris!

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Discover the Honey of the Opéra National de Paris!

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Our achievements
MUGO in figures


at the Castle of La Verrière

tons of honey

harvested in our apiairies

million square metres

of landscaped areas managed

thousand plants

planted each year

tons of fruit and vegetables

produced in our vegetable gardens


cultivated per year

100 % électric:

equipping the Hexagone Balard with tools

gardens audited


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