Parks, gardens, large landscapes, MUGO assists clients in maintaining their plant heritage. Whether a private or public place, an intimate garden or a large park, terrace or green roof , etc. MUGO offers a complete range of landscape maintenance trades.

Maintaining a space shaped by man is to know its origin, its use and its plant structure. As our main priority is the satisfaction of our clients, MUGO has “big account” offers for businesses and a customized approach for joint ownership properties and individuals.

• Annual maintenance of terraces, patios, gardens, parks and open spaces
• Diagnosis of tree heritage, size, pruning
• Maintenance of green roofs and walls
• Enrichment of soil ( with organic fertilizer), mulching
• Planting flowers and new species
• Waste recycling, power tools and manual work

Our achievements
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Our characteristics

– A works supervisor dedicated to your contract
– An annual reporting of operations with a satisfaction survey
– An effective and innovative equipment, with electric vehicles as a priority
– A skilled and well-trained team, easily recognisable with its mugo work uniform
– A local approach with 10 agencies in france, offering responsiveness
– A road service for snow removal: snowplow, sweeper, salt spreader
– The guarantee of a budget conytrols
– Qualipaysage and expert jardin certifications, UNEP member

Large spaces

In a few years, MUGO has become an expert in large spaces, going through many bidding process. Military field, airfield, farming, large orchard, area of activity, golf course, flowery meadow, public park…
MUGO has its own complete range of equipment – and more specifically farm equipment- for the maintenance of large landscaped areas.

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